Crocodile Leather Products


 13ft saltwater crocodile from our collection - $POA

Australian saltwater crocodile (Crocodylis porosus) is renowned as one of the world's finest exotic leathers.  Its softness and durability, as well as the beautiful scaled patterns make it perfectly suited to wallets, bags, belts and accessories.  
Our crocodile skins are sourced from a certified farm in Queensland and are tanned in Italy to the highest standards.  Some well known European luxury brands also use these same skins. 
We are currently developing a new range of high-end leather goods which will be available for purchase online or in-store.  Each piece will be unique, owing to the particular characteristics of individual skins.  We craft each piece meticulously by hand in our Berrima workshop.  
If you are looking for a special piece that stands out from the crowd, our crocodile leather products will not disappoint.